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Learn 4 Critical Factors for Customer Service Training Success


You know that exceptional customer service will help you build your business.

That means you need awesome customer service training if you want to improve your customer service & become more successful.

FACT: 78% of customers stop doing business with a company because of poor customer service.

This makes customer service training and tips critical to your success. Not some “spray & pray” program that you hope will work. (FYI – Hope is not a business strategy!)

Build a culture of customer service excellence.

FACT: People will pay more if they receive better customer service.

If you’re tired of trying to compete on price… now is the time to learn how to improve your customer service. We’ll show you step by step how we’ve been doing it for over 20+ years.

About Marty

I’m Marty Baird, customer service training expert, consultant and author … we’ve helped develop tens of thousands of people in the area of customer service. As a matter of fact, one client selected us over Disney Training. (If you’re better than Disney, you must be doing something right!) The impact has been amazing. We’ve worked with clients across the United States, Canada and even Europe — but I get most excited about the simple fact that by improving customer service, I can positively transform lives… and have fun doing it.

I see great customer service as a 3 legged stool – LEARN MORE HERE